Tangerine Improvement Society (TIS)
Tangerine Improvement Society, Inc.
7101 Wright Ave., PO Box 161
Tangerine FL 32777-0106



Donating to TIS
Donations are also accepted
online via PayPal!

Tangerine Improvement Society would like to offer you the opportunity to Sponsor Your Business, here and to the public!

  • T.I.S. Members $50.00; Non T.I.S. Members $75.00
  • This money reserves your placement on the TIS Home page for an entire year.
  • Your business card image will link directly to your web site.
  • If you do not have a web site, you'll receive a page detailing your Business Information.
  • Proceeds will go directly to the "TIS Building Fundraiser", towards TISĀ Building Improvements.

If you are interest in becoming a Sponsor, please contact George Wiggins.