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Pancake & French Toast Breakfast
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Next: Saturday, July 7
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$1 BINGO Night
Every Second and Fourth Wednesdays
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Neighborhood Crime Watch
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"For the improvement in every way of the interest of our town"

The Tangerine Improvement Society was founded on April 3, 1909, for the general improvement of the town. We've provided this web site as a means to interact with our community, fellow citizens and business owners.

T.I.S. promotes the highest standards among our residents and small business owners. Together, we will discover better methods for our community to gather information that is viable to all of us. T.I.S. fosters the spirit of cooperation and trust between our community and it's members, helping each other develop a better community in which we share.


2018 All-You-Can-Eat Shrimp Boil

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This property underwent a land used change in 2010 that allowed 75,000 SF of office space development and 280 senior housing units. The owner agreed to this change after the Mount Dora Council unanimously turned down a 350,000 commercial mixed-use development on this site.

Recently, the owner requested another land use change from Orange County to allow 75,000 sf of commercial/retail space plus 500 multifamily dwelling units. When this proposal was to be brought before the Mount Dora Council for consideration, the owner during the night of the meeting, changed his request again and proposed 75,000 sf of commercial/retail space and 280 multifamily dwelling units.

This change was approved by the Mount Dora Council over 100% objections from residents present. This same proposal was presented to the Orange County Board of Commissioners, with 100% of residents present opposing the change, Commissioner Bryan Nelson, our District Commissioner, made the motion to send this request to Tallahassee for review. The owner has changed this request three times after originally accepting the terms in 2010. The owner has never presented what type of building design or type of commercial/retail businesses to occupy the space. It could be anything from a tattoo parlor, dollar store, pawn shop, cheap restaurant, etc. ANYTHING!

The Tangerine Community, as well as the Stonybrook Hills residents, are adamantly opposed to this change for several reasons:

  • An agreement was made in 2010 with our community to limit the development of this site to the office and senior housing use only.
  • Changing to the proposed uses will markedly change the character of this rural area of NW Orange County and abutting areas of Mount Dora.
  • The proposed uses will generate 3 or 4 times as much traffic onto already congested U.S. 441 compared to the office/senior housing project.
  • The 1996 Mt. Dora/Orange County Joint Planning Area agreement specifically only allowed 5 units per acre on this site and this change will allow over 10 units per acre.
  • Numerous properties to the north along U.S. 441 in Mount Dora already have commercial future land uses in place which are more than sufficient to serve Mt. Dora and surrounding areas for many years to come.
  • Changing this land use to commercial will set the precedent for more commercial land use changes along U.S. 441 in the Tangerine community resulting in strip centers and other uses that will negatively impact our rural area.
  • As with all cities, sewer and water availability is a valuable asset and having the capacity to serve areas within the city limits is more critical than giving away capacity to an area outside of its jurisdiction and without receiving property tax revenue from the new development. This should be an important consideration for Mount Dora, in addition to facilitating more commercial and multifamily development away from downtown. This works against the economic development of Mount Dora's urban center.


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